I have lost faith in ordering apple products from their website

My family and I own a total of 5 apple products: itouch G1, G2, ipod nano, ipad 1G and yesterday the new ipad, bought by my sister was delivered. Out of these five, three were bought online, the other two were second hand goods.

Those that were bought online stopped working after about one year.
My itouch 1G wifi died approximately five days after the warranty expired.
The touch screen for the itouch 2G stopped working also within the first week after the warranty expired.

Call that unlucky!

And yesterday after using the new ipad for less than 20 minutes after it was delivered, the screen began to flicker incessantly. *facepalm*

And what about the other two second hand products? They have survived longer than any of the other three. This provides compelling evidence for me that the goods sold from their website is defective.