What we lose as we grow older

Growing older sucks. This is a brief personal reflection on growing up.

0) We start judging others and stereotyping people. In contrast, there is no such rascism in a kid’s world. But society change our opinion and behaviour as we grow up.


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1) We have to put on masks and personas just to avoid judgement. A child can be him or her self because no one will judge him or her, you can fully express yourself and if people don’t like it, they shrug it off as “you’re just a kid”. When a child smiles, you can see its purity.

2) We can no longer speak our mind, because we worry our words might offend someone and ruin the relationship. Instead of saying “I don’t think that’s a good idea because x”, people now say “In my opinion, x, but it might just be me, (so please can we still be friends?)”.

3) We have to observe social etiquette and read between the lines. Passive aggressiveness and sarcasm spring into mind.

3) You lose support, or have to work hard to maintain one. Being young means your parents, your friends, and people around you are more willing to support you in various decisions. As you grow older, people have other priorities in life and you seem to be left by the wayside. Sure you still get support from family and close friends, but those can no longer be taken for granted.

4) We have so many ‘balls’ to juggle – work, love, hobby, exercise – that we have less time to pursue our dreams. A child have all the necessary infrastructure and support in place so they can focus on perfecting their skills.

I’m not saying these are bad things. I think this is a natural course of life, which stems from mammals taking care of their young and teaching them skills until they are mature enough to care for themselves. This explains why human have the innate desire to care about the young (A lost wallet with a baby photo is more likely to be returned). As we grow older, we are expected to be able to take care of ourselves and to fit into the society we live in, hence the hoop jumping.


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