My Android phone build for 2014

About a year ago, I posted my phone build. One year later, I have decided to update it. Currently, it is running MIUI V5 3.12.20 and I love the fresh user interface. See screenshots below.

Searching Chinese words easily

I have taken a renewed interest in re-learning my Mandarin and I have used some apps to help me.
HanPing Chinese dictionaryOffline Dictionary, Google PinYin inputtasker, secure settings and its helper,

Offline dictionary allows one to do a English-Chinese translation, which is very useful. To understand the Mandarin phrase better, I use Hanping dictionary, which allows pinyin and handwritten search. Normally, the handwritten search is a feature only for the pro version (along with other features); However, my friend told me a fix: the free app by Google allows one to input text by drawing the characters, and this can be fed directly into the Chinese dictionary. However, it is very troublesome to have to switch inputs every time I want to search a word, and switch it back for my daily use. This is where tasker comes in. In tasker, one can create triggers and automate the phone. Combined with secure settings, I was able to trigger an input switch on starting the Dictionary app and switching it back on closing the app [source]. Now I have a seamless system that allows me to search up unfamiliar terms easily.

Using taskers

Taskers is like a programming language for android phones, it can help automate so many things on the phone. Check out some recipes here.

At the moment I am using the following profiles:

  • Switch off 3G and wifi at night (0000 – 0800)
  • Switch to 3G when out of house as determined by my GPS location, switch to wifi otherwise

Some debugging

My GPS was originally unresponsive, it took forever to get a location. I did some searching and I found that this post fixed my problem.



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