Carnivorous plants

Last week I went up to Glasgow, Scotland to visit my childhood friend who was there for exchange. We explored the city and some parts of the highland together which was fun. One of the attractions in the city that we visited was the Botanic garden. There are a few things one could do there, such as visit kibble palace, explore the garden, and have a meal at the tea shop. We had our meal there and I really liked the fish platter that we shared. I would totally recommend it. But I digress.

In kibble palace, there is a section on carnivorous plants, which is interesting by itself since plants are usually at the bottom of the food chain. The three main exhibits I could see there were sundews, venus flytrap and the pitcher plant. These plants are able to survive in malnourished environment by finding alternate energy source, and in this case, from insects. After the visit, I was quite interested and thanks to youtube I found some videos that, in my opinion, showcase the characteristics of the plants.


Venus flytrap

Pitcher plant


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