Something about cats

I’m more of a dog person and there’s something about cats that I don’t quite like although I can’t seem to point my finger at it. Recently, I happen to be working on a pet monitoring project using the raspberry pi and I came across this article and video. I used the opportunity to learn something about cats and I am trying to identify what is it that I don’t like about them. (chances are this link will be useless after a certain date)

About cats

Cats are solitary and independent animals. Most cats will avoid conflict because they can’t afford to get themselves injured.

“If you rely on yourself for survival, it is not good in terms of fitness to get yourself injured as it’s incredibly costly.”

They still have within them their wild hunting instincts. Human beings started living amongside them around 9000 years ago, when we started farming. Cats had to work for a living, we provided them food and shelter in return for keeping mice and rats at bay. This explains why cats hold on to their wild side; the cats remain as nature born hunters.

Cats are in charge of their own destiny. Whether cats are domesticated depends on their interaction within their first 8 weeks: if they do not learn to socialise with human within that period, it goes feral.

We may think that cats are our pets but many cat owners seem to fit in with the cat’s lifestyle. The cats are in charge. They have learned to change the way they communicate. Cats come to the human if they want something, they meow and purrs to communicate with us. Cats have soliciting purrs that are in the same frequency range as a baby’s cry. This is a very effective way to elicit the care-giving and nurturing need in human beings.

My reflections

After summarising the findings, I have identified several characteristics which accounts for my dislike.

1) Cats come to human only when they need  something. Another way to see this is that we are the cats’ slave. I don’t like the idea of being subservient to a cat. The documentary mentioned that cats soliciting purr is at a certain frequency to elicit our care-giving need. I don’t like the idea that the cats are manipulating humans to meet their needs.

2) Cats are independent animal and they are innate hunters. Continuing from the previous point, their independence means that they don’t really need humans. Recalling that their primary purpose was to keep rodents away and that is obsolete in the normal household now, it seems that they have a parasitic relation with us.

3) Cats still have their hunting instincts. The way they walk and watch people are ominous, as though they are stalking their prey.


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