Tiddlywiki on android!

Sometime back in 2010 I was obsessed with knowledge and document management. One application which caught my attention was the self-contained portable wiki TiddlyWiki. It is extremely portable since it is just one file and it is extremely fast because it is basically an offline application so no internet bottleneck there. Furthermore, there are a plethora of plug-ins to beautify and enhance its capabilities.

I have been using it as a knowledge management tool to store many of my own tutorials and references because nobody can remember how they solved a particular problem years ago. For instance, how to set up a particular obsolete web cam when automatic driver download fails, or how to set up the family printer on a new computer when the installation process is not a simple plug and play. It also serves as a reference book for things such as short cuts for applications.

All was well but there was the problem that a computer is required to edit the file or add new content. At that time I had an itouch and later an ipad, but editing the wiki was not allowed on both devices despite it being a html file; there was also no app at that time that allowed editing of tiddlywiki files. So it was a read-only application on those devices, which was good, but not good enough.

Edit 02/02/2013: There are some tiddlywiki apps available on the ipad, but I have not tried them extensively enough to verify its usefulness.

When I got my android phone a year ago, I was happy that there is actually an app that allows modification of the wiki file. It is called Andtidwiki. The next problem is that the original wiki is meant to be viewed on a big computer screen and was not suitable for small screen devices such as my phone. The app came with a default tiddlywiki called iTW which was good but I did not like the layout. So I did a search for other alternatives and came across a modified tiddlywiki that was optimised for small screens. It is called tidroid. It resembles the more familiar tiddlywiki that I was used to so I decided to hack it and added  plug-ins that I had on my main tiddly wiki.

Here is a link to my modified tiddlywiki which I am using now

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/39828265/final/tidroid_public.html [Updated 02/02/2013]


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2 thoughts on “Tiddlywiki on android!”

  1. I’d love to see your modified tiddlywiki, but the dropbox link in your above post goes to a 404 page load error now.

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