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I have been using itunes for awhile now because I possessed some apple products such as itouch and ipad. I have this obsession with having complete album art and lyrics and itunes was rather lacking in that respect; it could not accurately retrieve album arts for most of my music and updating lyrics was not practical. I got a third party add-on called minilyrics that did the job but it wasn’t perfect. For instance, it doesn’t solve the problem of saving the lyrics.

Recently after getting my new laptop, I had the opportunity to try out other music player. The first player that came to mind was miro, which I discovered while looking for itunes alternative for linux. However, after doing some research and reading reviews, I concluded that it wasn’t a good substitute. So I decided to try other alternatives. Then I found songbird.

While it does not natively meet my two requirements of cover art and lyrics, there were add-ons that were perfect for the job. The add-on I have now automatically searches for the lyrics, and provides an un-obstructive button that will save the lyrics to the music file, which is in my opinion pretty neat! The cover art add-on brings back the itunes-like cover flow viewing, which is always nice to have.

However, there are a few things which I did not quite like about the program. Firstly, many of the add-ons are depreciated or discontinued. Yet, these add-ons are searchable yet not downloadable. It gets irritating when I find a plugin that seems promising only to realise it is not compatible with my latest version of songbird. It reminded me of the rapidly improving firefox that had so many versions that many add-on became incompatible as a result. However, there is a filter available within the program to restrict the add-ons to those that are compatible with the current version, I did not realise this earlier and that caused me some inconveniences.

Another thing that I think this program comes short of is the support for apple products. It does not support apple driver, so it cannot replace itunes in managing portable media players such as ipod or ipad. However, since I’m using other software to manage musics/videos on my apple devices (because these software allows me to add and remove music from the device without syncing, which introduces the possibility of losing some music files).


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