Spaghetti and cookies

I remember reading about a 9gag post (3762746) on sausage spaghetti. So I decided to try it myself. I would say it was a success. However I don’t think that it is an amazing feat. It is just spaghetti and sausage. However it does look nice.

I did not notice that there were more than one spaghetti stick per sausage slice so there was an excess of spaghetti in the end. I shall try again with multiple sticks per slice in the future.

I also decided to bake cookies so that I can snack on them in the future. When I realised that I should have waited for the butter to melt first, I tried putting the whole mixture near the fire that was cooking my spaghetti so that the heat could melt the butter by radiation and conduction. However that was not very effective so I put the whole mixture in the oven when my sister told me that would spoil the cookies (since heat is supposed to transform the mixture into cookies). It suddenly struck me how stupid the idea of melting the butter by putting it in the oven was.

Here are some of my reflections:

I finally understood the importance of the baking tray that comes with most ovens. I usually just heat up whatever I need to heat up on the metal grill rather than the baking tray. And I actually baked the cookies without using the baking tray because it was rusty after many years, and that was a bad decision. The mixture fell into the oven a couple of times which made a mess. But it was the risk of that or the risk of whatever poisonous substance the rusty tray might infuse into my cookies.

When the instructions for making the cookie said 1 teaspoon per cookie I thought that it was too little. And that is a mistake because the mixture expands a lot after being heated, as seen in one of the photos.

Melting the butter in the oven was clearly a risk since the ingredients might prematurely undergo a chemical change.


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